MDF, HDF and Hardboard

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

MDF  is a kind of wood panel products that manufactured in the result of dry-processed. Plate formed by hot pressing wood fibers under high-temperate pressure. As a result, MDF is denser than plywood and chipboard and is smooth on both sides. HDF it is a wood-based product similar to MDF but exceeding its density.

MDF (HDF) have a very high dimensional stability, high strength characteristics, perfect horizontal and excellent processing properties. Environmentally safe, durable and easy to process material.

MDF (HDF) is used in building industry and as a half-finished material for manufacturing of furniture, doors and other items. Basic assumed directions of MDF’s usage is manufacturing of  back walls of  furniture, bottoms of boxes, some other furniture elements (shelves, etc.), door inserts, decorative furniture facades and constructive finishing work, execution of joinery. This kind of assortment of MDF is oriented on optimized satisfaction of demands of furniture and building’s enterprises.

Technical characteristic indicated in the table:

If you have some special inquiry regarding size (1220*2440mm, 1830*3660mm, etc.) or technical characteristic, our company will consider it and make efforts to deliver it for you just in time.

Moreover we offer wet process HARDBOARD (mesh from one side).

It is used in construction, car building, in the production of furniture, tare, millwork and other structures protected from humidity, of finely dispersed wood fiber.

Technical characteristic indicated in the table: