FK plywood (GOST 3616.1-96).

High physical and mechanic characteristics of birches and the multi-layer structure ensure the high durability of interior plywood FK.  it is  used for construction, car and railway cargo manufacturing and other industries where durability plays the main role.

Veneer production forms the basis of plywood manufacturing. This material is got from log pieces. In CIS countries mostly plywood is produced from birch and alder. Wood does not have plastic properties to change its original shape during peeling. Therefore, wood grains are treated in hot ponds, which improves their plastic properties. This contributes to smooth and tight veneer.

Raw materials undergo the obligatory stage of preparation for peeling, barking. This significantly increases the life of peeling knives and results in the comprehensive use of production waste (bark and broken veneer) for technological purposes.

Sheet size: 1525х1525 mm,1475х1525 mm;

Grades: B/BB; BB; BB/Cp; BB/C; Cp/Cp; Cp/C; C/C

Sheet thickness: 8 — 24 mm;

Species: birch/alder;

Emission class — E1;

Weight per pack: 640 kg;

WBR plywood (GOST 3616.1-96).

Only one plant from Belrus provides such plywood for cuxtomers. Capacity of production about 500 cub.m./month.

Produced grades only Cp/C (III/IV) and C/C (IV/IV).

Length : 1250 mm

Width: 2500 mm

Species: Birch/alder.

Filmed faced plywood (TU BY 500126145.002-2011).

Sheet material glued of six and more cut veneer fine sheets (1.5 mm) having orthogonally related fibers in the adjacent layers. The plywood is used in building, cabinetry, motor vehicle industry, car building.Capacity of production about 800 cub.m./month.

Grades: FOF GL1, FOF GL1/2, FOF GL2 (slim both sides)

FOF GL/S 1, FOF GL/S 1/2, FOF GL/S 2 (one side slim the other mesh);

Sheet thickness 9-21 mm;

Emission class — E1;

Weight per bundle — 940 kg

Length : 1250 mm

Width: 2500 mm

Species: Birch/alder.